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About Us


Nancy Moreno-Derks



"angels, they talk!"


How I got started and how long I have been involved with metaphysics

I have been studying Metaphysics and Spiritual Healing since 1988. After being guided to assist my son with specific metaphysical healing who at the time was 18 months old, with a serious medical challenge, I decided to learn more about metaphysical healing. I experienced my first connection with Divinity and wondered where it came from and what it was. This led me to seek out answers through books and later on through workshops conducted by Spiritual Healers and Metaphysical teachers. I have been trained in the ancient art of Hawaiian Healing, Huna. I am also a Reiki Master and Teacher. I have been certified as a Spiritual Counselor. As a result my studies have developed into a full-time private practice. Because I feel that I have been given a most powerful gift I feel it is my responsibility to extend my boundaries beyond the area in which I live and have developed this website to fulfill that goal.

What I have learned about myself and life.

Several years ago I realized that many of us have a lack of direction in our lives. We have disconnected from the Divine and feel alone and confused. It is my strong belief that we are all here for a reason. Either to teach someone about something that they need in order to continue on their path or to be taught an important lesson in life so that we can make the necessary changes to fullfull our Life's Purpose. What we learn is dependent on how open we are to life's experiences and how we choose to view life. The challenges that we encounter are important steps in our personal growth and evolution into the next level of our existence. I believe that our Angelic Messengers are here to assist when our life is particularly challenging. When we ask their guidance we are truly acknowledging that we are more than who we think we are. At that point, when we open up ourselves to Divine Healing we are the closest to God that we as humans can achieve. We are Spiritual Beings on a Spiritual Path we only need acknowledge this truth so that we are able to open up to receive messages from the Divine in a clear, direct manner.

Why I have chosen this path

I felt that as a Psychotherapist there was more to helping people achieve balance than finding solutions to their problems. As a result I was led on a path for learning more about metaphysical healing through the Art of Reiki and the Science of Hawaiian Huna.

What I have learned about life both by experience and through training is that there is always a "root cause" for a situation which has caused us to feel blocked. When we are unable to remove the cause because we don't know that it exists or because we don't know how, we begin to view our life asssuming that things will never change, that this is the way life will be for us. We start making decisions based on beliefs that limit us and eventually we begin to lose sight of who we truly are. We lose sight of our goals in life and we begin to live our lives overcompensating for what is lacking. I have learned that it is important to take responsibility for everything that happens in our life and if something is not the way we want it to be, we need to learn what we need to from it and then change it to what we want. This is where Angelic Guides, Huna and Reiki are important. Our Angelic Guides give us the strength and support that we need as we allow Reiki to bring up old conditions that need healing. Huna and the powerful symbols of Uli help us to clear away the negative energy and bring in new powerful and positive energy so that we can walk swiftly and powerfully along our Path. I have assisted many with these powerful tools with wonderful results....

What previous clients have said about my work with them

"I feel more alive than I have ever felt..ready to move away from being stuck in life."

"I didn't know that this feeling of calmness and serenity was something I could ever feel. There is a God and I feel God in me now."

"I love being able to directly 'talk' to my angels and know their names so that I can connect with them at anytime."

"I feel so excited about my life, now. I knew that there was something missing, I just never knew what was wrong. After years of searching for the answer now I feel whole and complete. Filled with energy and ready to go on with the rest of my life!"